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FLIGHT STATUS - Passenger Flights


FLIGHT STATUS - Passenger Flights

All Domestic departures and arrivals are currently operating from Terminal 2.

Disclaimer: The flight status and schedule is subject to changes. Passengers are advised to get in touch with the respective airlines before commencing their journey to the airport. The airlines can change sector/timings at their discretion.

Here to receive a loved one, check here to know if the flight is on time.

Sr. No.FlightOrigin/DestinationDateSCHActual TimeStatusTerm-
1SG 1954 Mangalore01/12/202002:25 01:49 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
2G8 392 Kannur01/12/202005:45 05:14 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
3I5 941 Bengaluru01/12/202006:40 06:00 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
46E 894 Bengaluru01/12/202007:20 06:32 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
5G8 418 Bengaluru01/12/202007:40 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
66E 6404 Nagpur01/12/202007:40 07:00 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
7SG 310 Bengaluru01/12/202007:40 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
86E 148 Delhi01/12/202007:45 07:14 ArrivedT2Send Mail
9G8 309A Goa01/12/202008:00 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
106E 6112 Vadodara01/12/202008:05 07:37 EstimatedT2Send Mail
11G8 307 Lucknow01/12/202008:05 07:47 EstimatedT2Send Mail
12G8 334 Delhi01/12/202008:10 07:41 EstimatedT2Send Mail
13G8 309 Goa01/12/202008:10 08:00 EstimatedT2Send Mail
146E 6329 Hyderabad01/12/202008:15 07:41 EstimatedT2Send Mail
15SG 322 Chennai01/12/202008:20 08:06 EstimatedT2Send Mail
166E 405 Bengaluru01/12/202008:20 07:31 Early ArrivalT2Send Mail
176E 424 Chennai01/12/202008:30 07:36 EstimatedT2Send Mail
18I5 316 Kolkata01/12/202008:30 07:46 EstimatedT2Send Mail
19AI 640 Bengaluru01/12/202008:35 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
206E 6224 Coimbatore01/12/202008:40 07:36 EstimatedT2Send Mail
216E 876 Ahmedabad01/12/202008:40 07:55 EstimatedT2Send Mail
22G8 347 Ahmedabad01/12/202008:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
236E 408 Delhi01/12/202008:45 08:02 EstimatedT2Send Mail
246E 169 Indore01/12/202008:50 07:58 EstimatedT2Send Mail
256E 5342 Lucknow01/12/202008:55 08:04 EstimatedT2Send Mail
26AI 887 Delhi01/12/202009:00 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
27UK 828 Chennai01/12/202009:05 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
28SG 948 Rajkot01/12/202009:10 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
29SG 8723 Delhi01/12/202009:20 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
306E 6332 Goa01/12/202009:35 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
316E 5334 Bengaluru01/12/202009:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
32SG 309 Ahmedabad01/12/202009:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
336E 6895 Nagpur01/12/202009:45 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
34OG 111 Belgaum01/12/202009:50 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
35G8 343 Bengaluru01/12/202009:50 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
36UK 852 Bengaluru01/12/202010:00 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
376E 6342 Kochi01/12/202010:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
38G8 395 Delhi01/12/202010:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
39G8 2608 Jaipur01/12/202010:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
40UK 943 Delhi01/12/202010:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
416E 197 Hubli01/12/202010:10 -ScheduledT1Send Mail
42SG 488 Kolkata01/12/202010:10 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
436E 5378 Chandigarh01/12/202010:15 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
44SG 789 Delhi01/12/202010:20 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
456E 5343 Jaipur01/12/202010:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
46AI 628 Nagpur01/12/202010:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
476E 384 Chennai01/12/202010:45 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
486E 5322 Bengaluru01/12/202010:50 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
49SG 276 Jaipur01/12/202011:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
50SG 780 Dehradun01/12/202011:15 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
516E 5363 Ahmedabad01/12/202011:20 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
52SG 325 Thiruvanathpuram01/12/202011:25 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
53UK 963 Delhi01/12/202011:30 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
546E 5319 Ranchi01/12/202011:35 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
556E 5016 Kochi01/12/202011:35 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
566E 5012 Lucknow01/12/202011:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
579I 626 Bhuj01/12/202011:55 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
58UK 876 Hyderabad01/12/202012:25 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
59SG 251 Bagdogra01/12/202012:35 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
602T 517 Nanded01/12/202012:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
616E 6849 Bhubaneswar01/12/202012:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
62UK 995 Delhi01/12/202012:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
63I5 310 Ranchi01/12/202012:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
64SG 784 Guwahati01/12/202012:45 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
656E 7133 Hubli01/12/202012:45 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
66UK 864 Bengaluru01/12/202012:50 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
67AI 865 Delhi01/12/202012:55 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
686E 5339 Delhi01/12/202013:00 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
69SG 2403 Adampur01/12/202013:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
706E 126 Bengaluru01/12/202013:10 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
716E 257 Dehradun01/12/202013:10 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
72UK 622 Varanasi01/12/202013:10 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
736E 5347 Aurangabad01/12/202013:10 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
746E 6284 Mangalore01/12/202013:20 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
75AI 626 Lucknow01/12/202013:25 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
766E 661 Bhopal01/12/202013:35 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
77AI 676 Kolkata01/12/202013:40 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
78AI 708 Indore01/12/202013:45 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
79UK 826 Chennai01/12/202013:45 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
80G8 348 Kochi01/12/202013:55 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
816E 297 Nagpur01/12/202014:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
826E 5359 Hyderabad01/12/202014:10 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
83G8 337 Varanasi01/12/202014:15 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
846E 5374 Patna01/12/202014:20 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
85I5 803 Vishakhapatnam01/12/202014:25 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
86SG 317 Kochi01/12/202014:25 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
87SG 945 Darbhanga01/12/202014:30 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
88SG 790 Goa01/12/202014:35 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
89UK 945 Delhi01/12/202014:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
906E 6343 Ahmedabad01/12/202014:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
91G8 382 Goa01/12/202014:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
926E 213 Kochi01/12/202014:45 -ScheduledT1Send Mail
936E 264 Chandigarh01/12/202014:50 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
94SG 950 Kanpur01/12/202014:55 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
956E 531 Delhi01/12/202015:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
966E 831 Varanasi01/12/202015:05 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
976E 137 Gorakhpur01/12/202015:10 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
986E 6815 Chennai01/12/202015:15 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
99SG 249 Kolkata01/12/202015:20 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
1006E 5324 Udaipur01/12/202015:25 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1019I 624 Diu01/12/202015:30 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
102SG 284 Patna01/12/202015:50 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
103SG 2871 Jabalpur01/12/202015:50 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
104UK 993 Delhi01/12/202015:55 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
105AI 696 Varanasi01/12/202015:55 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1066E 218 Jaipur01/12/202015:55 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1076E 6261 Srinagar01/12/202015:55 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1082T 718 Kolhapur01/12/202016:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
109UK 842 Goa01/12/202016:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1106E 465 Raipur01/12/202016:10 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1116E 673 Lucknow01/12/202016:10 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
112G8 562 Chandigarh01/12/202016:15 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
113AI 651 Tirupati01/12/202016:30 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1146E 6097 Goa01/12/202016:30 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
115SG 415 Gorakhpur01/12/202016:35 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1166E 638 Delhi01/12/202016:45 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1176E 762 Patna01/12/202017:05 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
118UK 933 Delhi01/12/202017:15 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
119SG 3324 Kandla01/12/202017:15 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
120SG 703 Varanasi01/12/202017:20 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
121G8 379 Bhubaneswar01/12/202017:25 23:20 DelayedT2Send Mail
1226E 249 Jodhpur01/12/202017:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1236E 2035 Delhi01/12/202017:45 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1246E 5915 Allahabad01/12/202018:00 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
125AI 672 Madurai01/12/202018:00 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
126SG 414 Jammu01/12/202018:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1276E 341 Goa01/12/202018:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1286E 734 Bengaluru01/12/202018:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
129SG 315 Coimbatore01/12/202018:10 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1306E 969 Tiruchchirappalli01/12/202018:20 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1316E 579 Varanasi01/12/202018:20 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
132G8 341A Nagpur01/12/202018:25 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
133G8 341 Nagpur01/12/202018:25 -ScheduledT1Send Mail
1346E 5381 Indore01/12/202018:30 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1356E 612 Chandigarh01/12/202018:35 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
136UK 941 Delhi01/12/202018:35 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1376E 5364 Kolkata01/12/202018:35 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
1386E 472 Nagpur01/12/202018:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
139G8 372 Goa01/12/202018:50 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
140SG 453 Gorakhpur01/12/202018:50 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
141SG 318 Hyderabad01/12/202018:55 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
142G8 289 Srinagar01/12/202018:55 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1436E 5357 Chennai01/12/202019:10 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1446E 6242 Guwahati01/12/202019:15 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1456E 109 Bhopal01/12/202019:15 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
146AI 537 Delhi01/12/202019:15 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1476E 242 Madurai01/12/202019:20 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1486E 748 Udaipur01/12/202019:25 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1496E 5318 Lucknow01/12/202019:30 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1506E 6375 Bhubaneswar01/12/202019:35 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
1519I 652 Bhavnagar01/12/202019:35 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
152G8 352 Patna01/12/202019:35 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
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