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Disclaimer: The flight status and schedule is subject to changes. Passengers are advised to get in touch with the respective airlines before commencing their journey to the airport.

The airlines can change the sector and timings at their discretion.

All domestic flights are operational from T2

While this is the latest flight arrival information, please re-confirm the status of your flight with your airline.

Sr. No.FlightOrigin/DestinationDateSCHActual TimeStatusTerm-
1UK 943 Delhi08/07/202009:00 08:35 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
2SG 8723 Delhi08/07/202009:10 08:32 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
36E 5334 Bengaluru08/07/202009:40 09:15 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
4AI 614 Ahmedabad08/07/202009:55 10:33 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
5SG 2872 Jabalpur08/07/202010:00 09:48 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
6SG 279 Jaipur08/07/202010:15 09:19 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
7SG 488 Kolkata08/07/202010:35 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
86E 384 Chennai08/07/202011:00 10:27 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
96E 5316 Ranchi08/07/202011:50 11:14 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
10SG 703 Varanasi08/07/202012:20 11:35 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
116E 5374 Patna08/07/202012:30 11:32 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
12UK 995 Delhi08/07/202012:50 12:38 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
136E 5339 Delhi08/07/202013:05 12:57 Baggage HallT2Send Mail
14AI 676 Kolkata08/07/202013:15 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
15SG 2548 Belgaum08/07/202013:35 13:20 ArrivedT2Send Mail
166E 6175 Bagdogra08/07/202014:00 13:14 ArrivedT2Send Mail
17G8 352 Patna08/07/202014:00 13:05 ArrivedT2Send Mail
186E 559 Jammu08/07/202014:35 13:45 EstimatedT2Send Mail
19OG 111 Belgaum08/07/202014:40 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
206E 264 Chandigarh08/07/202014:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
216E 184 Kochi08/07/202015:10 14:17 EstimatedT2Send Mail
226E 218 Jaipur08/07/202015:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
23SG 284 Patna08/07/202015:45 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
249I 626 Bhuj08/07/202015:50 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
25G8 307 Lucknow08/07/202016:15 21:10 DelayedT2Send Mail
26G8 350 Varanasi08/07/202016:30 19:50 DelayedT2Send Mail
27G8 336 Delhi08/07/202017:05 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
28SG 415 Gorakhpur08/07/202017:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
296E 734 Bengaluru08/07/202017:25 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
306E 755 Delhi08/07/202017:40 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
316E 5915 Allahabad08/07/202017:45 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
32UK 622 Varanasi08/07/202017:50 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
336E 579 Varanasi08/07/202018:00 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
346E 5353 Kolkata08/07/202018:10 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
35I5 326 Kochi08/07/202018:10 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
366E 969 Hyderabad08/07/202018:25 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
37SG 247 Varanasi08/07/202019:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
386E 5318 Lucknow08/07/202019:15 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
39AI 537 Delhi08/07/202019:15 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
40AI 618 Hyderabad08/07/202019:20 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
416E 375 Bhubaneswar08/07/202019:30 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
42G8 287 Srinagar08/07/202020:00 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
43I5 316 Kolkata08/07/202020:05 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
44G8 388 Ranchi08/07/202020:10 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
45UK 776 Kolkata08/07/202020:15 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
46SG 366 Kolkata08/07/202020:45 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
47SG 978 Ahmedabad08/07/202021:00 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
48G8 2607 Nagpur08/07/202021:10 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
49AI 682 Kochi08/07/202021:30 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
50SG 8169 Guwahati08/07/202022:05 -Non OperationalT2Send Mail
516E 433 Guwahati08/07/202022:05 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
526E 6404 Nagpur08/07/202022:30 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
53AI 681 Hyderabad08/07/202022:45 -ScheduledT2Send Mail
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